Drinking In Leeds

Eat Your Greens Leeds

Veganism is sweeping the nation, and not just because it's Veganuary! Lifestyle, environmental and ethical veganism are all on the up, but old hats and newbies alike often struggle to find somewhere t...

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Manjit’s Kitchen

Leeds has always been full of innovators, who can turn something simple into something brilliant with hard work and imagination. At Leeds Love Affair we're proud to interview so many of them over the ...

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Wharf Chambers

The Kirkgate area is slowly seeing a resurgence of indie cool. Outlaws Yacht Club and Crowd of Favours are just a stone’s throw from the top end of Call Lane and have transformed vacant units into w...

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Outlaws Yacht Club & Rebel Pin Up

For over a decade Leeds has seen a steady number of cafe bars popping up and thriving in its city centre. Open until the wee hours and each with its own musical preference, they’ve neatly struck the...

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It’s been a while since we’ve written about any of the nightlife in Leeds. And so with a new year we decided it was time to buck up and find out more about some of the many unique nightspots the c...

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Wax Bar & Jukejoint

Wax is a little fireball of fun in cocktail and vinyl form. The bar opened in Leeds northern quarter in November and has become a firm favourite with the Leeds Love Affair team as the only bar in Leed...

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We’ve NEVER been a political account but we’re closing soon so sod it… only British nationals that work for the gov… https://t.co/fC4SxBCi7A
Got bored kids over the summer? They can enter this fab challenge with their views on their local #Leeds town centr… https://t.co/0HS4nXVYLa