It’s our seventh anniversary! And in those lucky seven years we’ve had the privilege to meet hundreds of brilliant indies bringing character and colour to our city. And you know what we really love? When those small businesses really succeed. From a dream or an idle thought, small business owners that manage to turn it into a reality are something really special.

And that’s exactly what’s happened with this month’s feature! Abra from Pastille – who we first featured in 2014 – has branched out. Opening a brand new salon on Albion Street focusing on lash treatments to make sure all the city’s beauty needs are covered. With the same friendly formula as Pastille, this salon offers something a little more tranquil.

We talked to Abra before Lashed opens on 6 February to find out about her next big step and why she’s decided to make Leeds her home in life as well as business…

Who are you and how did you get here?

We are Lashed Leeds, the sister salon to Pastille Beauty Bar Leeds, and we are a small salon with a focus on everything lashes. We are based on Albion Street in the recently refurbished Pinnacle Building on the 8th floor, meaning we have the most incredible views of Leeds!

We have been offering lash extensions for a number of years now in Pastille, in fact we were one of the first in the city to offer Russian Volume lashes, and we just noticed a huge boom in the industry. To be honest it was more than the salon could handle as we predominately focus on nails and only had room for one lash bed in the corner of the room, which never quite felt right as it can be quite lively in Pastille and doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a treatment that requires concentration and calm. This is where the idea of creating a space purely focused on lashes came from and we will now redirect all of Pastille’s lash clients to Lashed.

What can customers expect from Lashed?

Our clients can expect to receive the very best quality products and application. We believe lashes can be for anyone and don’t just need to be those super false, dramatic extensions you so often see. We plan to enhance what are clients already have meaning they are subtle enough for work but also with a hint of glam for the weekend.

What does Lashed offer that other places in the city don’t?

We are determined to be the absolute experts in all things lashes. As of yet we aren’t aware of any city centre salons offering this and we believe the key to carrying out perfect treatments is to focus on doing a small range incredibly well. If you have treatments on your menu that you only maybe do once a month, then you become out of practice with it and it often shows in the quality of the treatment.

What do you think makes Leeds so awesome? Where do you like to hang out?

Without a doubt what makes Leeds so awesome is the incredible independent scene, and the people that work behind it. We’ve been a part of this for nearly 5 years now and it says a lot that we are opening a second salon just up the road, as opposed to branching out to another city. We don’t want to leave!

We’re big into food so you’ll often find us at Laynes or Mrs Athas for brunch & LivinItaly or Zaap Thai for dinner. We take our salon pup Winnie (@acockernamedwinnie) to Temple Newsam pretty much every day too to try and tire her out! It’s unbelievably gorgeous there and so quiet through the week, we’re often the only ones there.

What are your favourite treatments? And what are the most popular?

Our favourite treatment is our Classic Lash Extensions. Here one lash will be applied to each of your own lashes, also known as the 1:1 technique, giving you a flawless mascara-look. Lashes are available in a range of different curls and lengths, meaning you can make them as dramatic or subtle as you’d like, and which will be chosen in a consultation prior to starting the treatment. Our Classic Lashes cost £60 and take up to 2 hours to apply. They last around 4 weeks however with infills they can last as long as you’d like.

At the moment Classic Lashes will be our most popular treatment however we are soon adding a Lash Lift treatment to our menu which we anticipate will be super popular. This treatment curls and tints your own natural lashes giving a much more defined voluminous look which lasts around 6 weeks.

Finally, describe Lashed in three words…

Lashes, lashes, lashes! No I suppose we’re – professional, friendly, perfectionists.