It’s not all about the city centre! Part of the fun of Leeds Love Affair is discovering new places springing up all around the city, all the time. And this month’s offering does not disappoint…

Short Press popped up earlier this year and immediately stands out from the neighbouring parade of shops at the top end of Burley Road. It’s called Short Press because they run a short press of everything they sell: plants, gifts, prints, cards and homewares. And our favourite part? All offered by local indie sellers.

So how did this special little store find its way to Burley? And how has it stayed busy in a relatively quiet part of town? We spoke to one of the owners, Lydia, to find out…

Who are you and how did you get here?

We are an artist-run independent plant shop based in Burley, Leeds. Both myself and Bobbi traded on stalls, Bobbi a bit longer than I have. It was trial and error, It wasn’t until we both took part with Veg Out Cafe we didn’t realise what kind of impact a shopfront can have for artists and designers that are just starting out.

It formed a really good community of people as well as providing exposure for local talent. After seeing the prices of leases though we never dared put that kind of pressure on ourselves or anyone else. One day I was walking through to The Old Bridge Inn and saw the unit up for let – ended up turning around and drafting out a business plan!


What can customers expect from Short Press?

Lots to look at! Plenty of art; prints, originals, zines, pots, cups, bowls, bags, pins, keyrings, coasters, chopping boards, t-shirts, tea towels, totes…and lots more… we haven’t even started on the plants yet!

What does Short Press offer that other places in the city don’t?

The artwork makes our business unique – we sell lots of things that you can’t buy from anywhere else! Also there is the big selection of indoor plants which are taken care of rather than being kept in a windowless space and just left.

What do you think makes Leeds so awesome? Where do you like to hang out?

Leeds has a really strong heritage in art and design. There was print, glass, architectural fiance & ceramics and textiles industries that used to be part of the lifeblood of the city. It’s good to see it enjoying a resurgence now combined with our further knowledge and technological advances.

We like to hang out at our local, The Cardigan Arms – worth a visit for the interior alone. Eat Your Greens – I do eat meat – but these guys know how to do veggies and I need the nutrition after all the takeaways consumed getting the place up and running. And of course Whitelocks – My Grandmother’s favourite pub to visit whenever we visited Leeds.

What are your favourite items for sale? And what are the most popular?

Plant wise it’s a good Calathea. They come in a ton of varieties, are good at communicating when they need water and are non toxic to domestic pets.

Our best selling print is “Explorers” by Bobbi Rae,

Finally, describe Short Press in three words…

Art, Plants, Local.