With net zero being high on the UK’s hit list and a climate emergency rightly freaking a nation of future-thinking and activist youth, it’s no surprise that many people are examining the impact of their everyday purchases and wondering how they can do more.

Here’s where Simon steps in! Founder and owner of Adam & Eco in Leeds’ Kirkgate Market, he’s offering an indie alternative to the high street ethical bath and body product giants at half the price.

Tucked away in the market, Adam & Eco has been going for several years and attracts mail order customers from across the globe. The Leeds Love Affair team have been fans for the last couple of years which has seen a move to a bigger premises, a gradual expansion in product offerings but still the same focus on sustainability and quality (and the occasional appearance of Simon’s own Mum behind the counter!) Here’s what he has to say about growing an responsible brand from the city’s centre.

Who are you and how did you get here?

We’re ‘Adam & Eco’, fondly known as #TheSmallestSoapShop in Leeds as we specialise in all natural soap, shampoo & conditioner bars, plus ethical plastic free gifts & accessories. You can find us inside the original 1904 Market Hall at Leeds Kirgate Market or online at www.adamandeco.com.

I started Adam & Eco due to severe eczema I once had and wanting to find the best available natural home and body products for people like myself. As my business grew I started to specialise in body products, but hope one day to encompass the best natural home and body products.

What do you offer that other places in Leeds don’t?

What makes my business unique is I literally just sell solid soap, shampoo & conditioners bars. I’m 99% plastic, palm oil & chemical free, with an emphasis on showcasing products that are handmade by small artisan companies that you usually only discover at craft fairs.

Customers can expect total honesty about every product I sell, and unlike many other companies, every product we stock has been tested by ourselves. We also actively encourage all feedback. Good or bad, we want to know so we can grow!

What’s your favourite product available at Adam & Eco?

My favorite product is my ‘Top To Toe’ gift sets. They pretty much sum up my business and are about as ethical as they can get. There’s even an element that uses 25% Elephant poo!

What’s your most popular item?

The most popular products I sell are Shampoo Bars, plus natural Loofahs (Which are from the cucumber plant! A lot of folk think these are from the sea.)

What do you think makes Leeds so awesome?

Oooh this is a hard one, sooo many answers! But for me it has to be Heritage Row in Kirkgate Market. I know I’m based here, but this line of shops is massively overlooked and gives people an insight into what life was like in the past.

I also absolutely love the fact its centre isn’t sprawling like so many other cities, making it great to get around in a day without too much walking.

Where do you like to hang out in Leeds?

 My choice of area or place to hang out has to be Temple Newsam and/or Granary/Brewery Wharf as these are all really tranquil, often overlooked areas.

Finally, describe Adam & Eco in 3 words…

I’ll sum my business up in 2 words: ‘For Life!’ Everything I do is for life.