Many of you will remember The Greedy Pig, the beautiful breakfast cafe in the Northern Quarter from Stu & Jo Myers that served the city for many years and won one of our first coveted #LeedsIndieAwards as ‘Best Place to Eat’ back in 2014.

Well, on the back of their much deserved success, things have moved on quite a bit for this little eaterie – and we’re delighted to be back at 58 North Street to find out how.

Now open for lunches and evening meals, and known as The Swine That Dines, the place offers imaginative and unique cuisine (usually with a theme) with BYOB option and is fast becoming one of the most renowned dining rooms in the city. We spoke to Jo about how things have changed, the family decision to move their business on and what customers can expect from this lovely Leeds indie…

Who are you and how did you get here?

We are The Swine That Dines, a casual informal dining room, producing a short set menu (not a fine dining tasting menu) dishes of good cooking for people to share. We are on 58 North Street formerly The Greedy Pig Kitchen. It’s still Jo & Stu, just doing things a bit differently.


We bought The Greedy Pig as a sandwich shop, did the best breakfast in Leeds, got a bit bored so did a pop up and really enjoyed it so did another! We nearly worked ourselves to death doing both so stopped doing the breakfast thing. Now having lots of fun doing the full on Swine. We’re also about to start doing Swine Pies… because we don’t seem to be able to relax!

What can customers expect from The Swine That Dines?

In a word… Stu! He’s the creative driving force behind our menus. Good cooking, a warm welcome, no fuss and pretension.

What do you think makes Leeds so awesome? Where do you like to hang out?

As is always the answer, a strong indie community that works together. An example of this is the movement amongst the hospitality workers to help keep us all in good mental health. It’s early days but we’re looking  at workshops, days out, sports teams etc. on days that are industry friendly and not centred around alcohol. And also a place/people to turn to when things get too much.
After work drinks at The Brunswick are becoming a thing. Stu and I would always choose The Reliance or Ox Club for a quiet meal just the two of us although we’re planning to visit The Maven next where Dan Triplehorn is doing his thing in the kitchen. I take the parents to Salvos. Have not managed to convince our son to the indie way of life. He’s Five Guys all the way!

What are your favourite dishes? And what are the most popular?

At the moment we are obsessed by pies!! We always have a pie on our daytime menu (£9) but we’re about to launch #PieSundays where we will be serving a pie-based menu. We are very excited about this. The pies are basically us on a plate. Fresh ingredients cooked by Stu and encased in flakey buttery pastry by Jo – truly a joint effort!
Even after all this time #RootsToShoots our monthly veggie menu is still the one that books up first. We debate about this constantly. Is a once a month veggie menu difficult for customers to get their head around? But the recent climate report just made us feel even more strongly about what we’re doing. Eat meat that isn’t intensively farmed, slower raised to higher welfare standards, eat all of the animal and every now and then go meat free. We’ve been saying this since we started The Swine That Dines four years ago. But this aside we think that some of the meat free dishes are some of the more exciting dishes that we produce, and, regardless of the ethos, the vegetarian cooking forces us to think more creatively and drives us forward.

Finally, describe The Swine That Dines in three words…

Food For All!