Hands up if you dont like ice cream – yeah, thought so. Once you become a teenager though, your only experience of ice cream is likely to be buying it from the supermarket freezer section – how boring is that? Unless you have absolutely no shame threshold its unlikely that youre going to rush out on to the street to buy a 99 if you hear the tinkling of the ice cream truck in your neighbourhood. Luckily, one company have managed to get around this and bring the ice cream truck to an adult audience.

Wakefield family run company Diddy Cool deliver handmade ice cream and cookies all over Yorkshire. Not only do they serve up delicious organic ice cream but they also make other tantalising treats including shaved ice, frozen yoghurt and milkshakes, not to mention their special ice cream sandwiches.

After tucking in to a generous portion of their frozen goodies, we spoke with the Diddy Cool team about their new venture, why they decided to deliver in Leeds and what a difficult job taste testing can be (or not!)

Who are you and how did you get here?

We are the Diddy Cool team – an ice cream and cookies delivery company that deliver across Yorkshire including the Leeds area.

We discovered some incredible ice cream whilst visiting Los Angeles in 2010, the ice cream trucks were amazing and not just for very young children like here in the UK. We spent almost a year setting up the business, perfecting our recipe and sourcing the best natural ingredients. We got some huge vintage trucks from the USA and refurbished them so that they look a bit more modern and can hold lots of goodies.

We ran independent blind testing sessions putting our products against the giants in the industry. We also became popular with friends and family who would just pop in to say hello and help out with product testing!

What do you think is unique about Diddy Cool?

We deliver to any address, home or work, from 11am until 11pm and theres no delivery charge – you just pay for what you buy when we get there! Theres no minimum order and its as simple as texting or emailing us.

Also, all our products are handmade and we make sure we only use traceable ingredients so customers know whats in our products. Our ice creams are certified organic so its good quality stuff without the nasties!

The Diddy Cool Trucks are a really nice treat to book for friends, family or co-workers and great for birthdays as a surprise. The delivery service is proving to be really popular and I think thats because people think its a really unique service.

The trucks also go to events – whats that like?

We do lots of festivals, parties and weddings. Its such a shame that its rained so much this summer because it means a lot of festivals in Yorkshire have been cancelled. Were hoping that the weather is going to start to pick up so keep your eyes peeled for what were up to on our website.

What is your favourite product?

Of the ice creams its got to be ‘Mellow Yellow’ – the mix of banana ice cream and marshmallows is divine. All our ice cream comes in 500ml tubs and are 4.25 each. Our favourite cookie is ‘Super Peanut Butter’ – its packed full of peanut butter and just tastes really yummy.

What is your bestselling product?

Our bestselling ice cream is ‘Dirty Mint’. Its a fresh peppermint ice cream with a dark chocolate flake – sort of like a frozen version of an After Eight mint. Our best selling cookie is the ‘Double Chocolate Chip’, which is no surprise as everyone loves chocolate. Our double chocolate cookies are really rich. You can get 6 cookies for 3.50 or 12 for 6.50.

Why do you think Leeds is so awesome?

We think its the diversity that Leeds has. There are lots of mingling cultures and that makes Leeds a really fascinating place to be. The people are great and theres an amazing cultural and retail landscape, not forgetting the fantastic nightlife!

Where do you like to hang out in Leeds?

All of the Diddy Cool team like to go to Normans for a thai curry and a beer.

What can customers expect from you in the future?

Everyone should keep an eye on our new website for all the events and deliveries we are going to be doing. We have two trucks so we can cover plenty of ground!

We should have an events listing up very soon for the summer – lets just hope it stops raining so that the festivals can go ahead!

Finally describe Diddy Cool in 3 words…

Happy, happy, happy!

Diddy Cool deliver every day – visit their website for details of how to order.