Wax is a little fireball of fun in cocktail and vinyl form. The bar opened in Leeds northern quarter in November and has become a firm favourite with the Leeds Love Affair team as the only bar in Leeds where you can handle the vinyl yourself.

Offering classic rock and soul in a relaxed atmosphere with a splash of good-humoured service, we are making Wax our first feature of the month. We caught up with co-owner Andy Turner to find out exactly what Wax is about.

Who are you and how did you get here?

The idea for Wax came about while I was chatting with Mark Young (owner of Sela bar) back in June. I was manager at Mojo and had an itch to start something myself. From that point it all moved pretty quickly my brothers company did a complete refurb for us and we got Lee Jones (also from Mojo) on board. Later Marko Crossley (Milo/Oporto) joined the team and the whole concept has been growing pretty organically since. Wax is still finding its way and were happy to let it.

What do you think makes Wax unique? What do you offer that other places in Leeds dont?

Music chosen from our own personal record collections (all on vinyl), fresh seasonal signature cocktails and the long lost art of good service! Were a friendly and welcoming place to come and chill out or party the night away. Weve quite an eclectic soundtrack of 50s rock n roll, 60s psyche, 70s rock, funk and soul and some reggae thrown in too.

Whats your favourite drink that you make/sell at Wax?

A nice cold bottle of Jever (German pilsner) served in a frozen stein. Thats our most expensive beer at 4.20 but its a 500ml bottle. Jever is our most popular beer.
Out of the cocktails the most popular drink on our menu is our Plum Daiquiri (made with fresh plums from Marks garden!) or if you like your hard liquor Rum, Plum & Fig Old Fashioned is a real winner on those cold, drizzly nights. If you prefer cocktails we have a whole range made with fresh ingredients, love and attention. Everyone is highly trained so if you fancy something thats not on our menu we can whip it up for you. Our cocktails range from 6 to 7.50.

Tell us what you love about Leeds…

The people that care enough to find all the fantastic little gems out there, whether thats a great new bar, a fancy restaurant or cafe or a cool boutique shop. Leeds has it all… just sometimes you need to search it out.

Where do you guys like to hang out apart from Wax?

Weve all spent many years working on the Leeds bar scene between us weve racked up hours at Mojo, Milo, Sela, Oporto (amongst others) so generally if were not at Wax were at one of those great places. Baby Jupiter has a great vibe too.

What else can we expect from Wax in the near future?

We havent run any events yet but our new Double Hip Club starts on 9 February. Its a 60s night with resident DJs Marko and JP and were sure itll become a firm favourite! We are open to suggestions though, like I said, were still finding our way.

Finally, describe the experience your customers get in 3 words…

Devilishly handsome barmen? No, I think Booze, Tunes and Service sums it up nicely J

Wax is open 7 nights a week on New Briggate.