Shopping In Leeds


Short Press

It's not all about the city centre! Part of the fun of Leeds Love Affair is discovering new places springing up all around the city, all the time. And this month's offering does not disappoint... S...

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great yorkshire shop

The Great Yorkshire Shop

Who doesn't love Yorkshire? God's Own County is known throughout the world for being the friendliest and most unique place in the UK - just ask anyone you meet on holiday! But put those whippets and f...

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fabrication leeds


It takes big vision to bring together a department store that caters to indie tastes. Like a modern day Liberty or Harrods, Fabrication is one such venture which, despite a rocky start, has gone from ...

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Our Handmade Collective

A lot changes very quickly in our fair city, but it’s rare that an independent can stand the test of time thanks to a loyal following from us Loiners – that’s basically independent retail gold d...

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Home design and gift retail is in some kind of state at the moment. When you think about it realistically, your choices are limited to the death march of Ikea or trudging through the jumble sale that ...

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Blackbird Vintage

You only have to look at Pinterest or the shelves at your local newsagent to see how eclectic style and upcycling retro furniture and design have taken off over the last couple of years. Design devote...

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We have been truly spoiled this week! It’s not often we have the chance to get really girly, but when the hot new nail salon on the block invited us over for a chat, we just couldn’t refuse. Set s...

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One of the worst parts of shopping for awkward friends and family is finding something they’ll love that’s original too. We get lots of tweets asking us for ideas for great places to buy a unique ...

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You’d be forgiven for not knowing about the subject of this feature, despite its colossal offering and sizeable premises. Tucked away in the Chinatown area at the top of Vicar Lane, its clean shop f...

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A very important #EatOutToHelpOut in Leeds 👍🏽
Well, this is just gorgeous 🥰 #loveleeds