Eating In Leeds


Pizza Fella

Street food is a big deal in Leeds, and our city has been leading the way in casual, continental nosh for some time now. Every pedestrianised place in the city centre has found space for a fantastic r...

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With our close proximity to Bradford, we’re spoiled when it comes to curry in this city. Whether you’re eating in or eating out, there are plenty of places to choose from, each offering their own ...

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El Topo

So, there’s a new kid in town and he’s not afraid to get out his smoky salsa gun and use it! Fans of the food vans that regularly rock up on Commercial Street will no doubt recognise the Mexican-A...

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The Greedy Pig

**The Greedy Pig is now The Swine That Dines! Find out about them here...** Pulled pork is nothing new. In fact it seems to be making an appearance at just about every cafe, restaurant and pup-up w...

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Salvo's & Salumeria at night

Salvo’s Salumeria

Anyone worth his or her salt in ‘Leeds food-ie’ terms will have heard of and probably enjoyed a meal at Salvo’s in Leeds. Famed for being voted the UK’s Best Neighbourhood Italian Restaurant b...

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Hepworth’s Kitchen & Deli

Since we relaunched Leeds Love Affair we’ve discovered that most of our readers are searching for great independent places to eat. It seems like everyone wants to get their nom on in the city centre...

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Diddy Cool

Hands up if you dont like ice cream – yeah, thought so. Once you become a teenager though, your only experience of ice cream is likely to be buying it from the supermarket freezer section – how bo...

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Laynes Espresso

Over the last few years the UK has fast become a country of keen coffee connoisseurs. Gone are the days when the latte was something drunk exclusively by men in suits over networking brunches – it s...

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With the vast availability and convenience of Italian pastas and pizzas in supermarkets and the rise of ‘Italian’ chain restaurants, the Leeds Love Affair team rarely ate out Italian until a few m...

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A very important #EatOutToHelpOut in Leeds 👍🏽
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