Eating In Leeds


Just Grand! Vintage Tearooms

Vintage is big industry in the UK right now, but it takes a special sort of entrepreneur to spot the trend and produce something altogether different with the theme. While we're spoiled for vintage fa...

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Sheaf Street Cafeteria

The great thing about Leeds is that independent businesses are able to hold the same iconic status as the big boys that enjoy the luxury of big investment. This place (our 100th post!) combines two of...

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Pizza Fella

Street food is a big deal in Leeds, and our city has been leading the way in casual, continental nosh for some time now. Every pedestrianised place in the city centre has found space for a fantastic r...

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Whites Deli

Ah Headingley. The busiest, most frantic part of our fine city frequented mainly by sleepy students and angry drivers. When a quiet, stylish cafe bar first popped up on the main strip of Otley Road we...

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The Doghouse Cafe

Did you know that the first ever breeder of the labradoodle species is from Leeds? So it only seems fitting that we’re home to one of the UK’s first dog-friendly cafes. While dogs have been welcom...

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Roots & Fruits

We’re blessed to have an awesome following on Twitter, and one of the things the good people of Leeds have asked us about the most over the last three years is the best place to eat in the city. Of ...

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With our close proximity to Bradford, we’re spoiled when it comes to curry in this city. Whether you’re eating in or eating out, there are plenty of places to choose from, each offering their own ...

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El Topo

So, there’s a new kid in town and he’s not afraid to get out his smoky salsa gun and use it! Fans of the food vans that regularly rock up on Commercial Street will no doubt recognise the Mexican-A...

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The Greedy Pig

Pulled pork is nothing new. In fact it seems to be making an appearance at just about every cafe, restaurant and pup-up we know this year. But how can you be sure that what you’re getting will be a ...

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